Bi-Weekly Route Service

vanHost of Nebraska Route Representatives will arrive at your place of business approximately every two weeks. At this time, your representative will externally clean your brewer, clean/exchange dirty coffee decanters, do minor maintenance and repair, and deliver enough products to last you until they return in approximately two more weeks.

Quality Coffee & Allied Products

Host of Nebraska sells only the very best in coffee products. We sell private label coffees that are specially roasted and blended to our specifications. We are so proud of these coffees that they bear our name and trademark. We also offer other brands of gourmet flavored and fresh brewed coffee. Our allied products consist of creamers, sweeteners, stirrers, cappuccinos, cocoas, teas, cups, and paper products.


Glass bowl coffee decanters are supplied free of charge. Different colored handles will help to distinguish between the coffees (i.e. regular and decaffeinated.) Host of Nebraska Route Representatives will either clean or exchange dirty coffee decanters on every route visit.


Filters are FREE!! We provide filters with each case of coffee purchased to ensure you never run out.

No Contracts

Host of Nebraska does not require written contracts or service agreements. It is our belief that our system will work for our customers; therefore we do not think a contract is necessary.

No Extra Delivery Charges and No Fuel Surcharges

No hidden costs with our service and unlike our competitors we will never charge you for our fuel costs.

Contact Details

1241 North 10th Street
Lincoln, NE 68508

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