The Vision

In September 1973, armed with a few coffee brewers and his incorporation papers, Leonard Schneider set out to revolutionize the Office Coffee Service Industry. Host of Nebraska, Inc., grew out of a dream to provide local businesses top of the line coffee brewing equipment coupled with exceptional service and superior products. Leonard built Host of Nebraska through his demand for quality, professionalism, integrity and honesty in each of his business relationships. Over three decades later, his tradition continues through his son, Terry Schneider. The Schneider family’s dedication to meeting expectations, delivering quality coffee, maneuvering the volatility of future markets to ensure pricing and providing technical expertise has grown Host of Nebraska into the preeminent Office Coffee Service in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Changing Times

pastBefore Host of Nebraska ventured into the Office Coffee Service Industry, as we know it today, it was involved in Host Bars. The Host Bar provided freeze-dried products (such as soup, coffee and tea) that water was added to. With changing times Host of Nebraska switched gears to fresh brewed coffee and miscellaneous coffee related items. Host of Nebraska can provide all the items you need to operate and maintain a “well stocked office kitchen.”

The Future

futureThe future holds endless opportunities for Host of Nebraska. Our goal is to continue to provide an exceptional cup of coffee and the consistent and reliable customer service that both our small and large clients appreciate. We will continue to tailor our service to meet any requirement or need that may arise with a customer. We are proud of our heritage and we like to think our philosophy will never go out of style.

Contact Details

1241 North 10th Street
Lincoln, NE 68508

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